Coaching or Consulting-The Difference

Coaching or Consulting-The DifferenceIt seems that everyone either has a consultant or a coach. I wear the title of Life Coach/ Hypnotherapist a. k.a Metaphysical Healer–Mind, Body and Spirit. I am often asked what the difference is between a coach and a consultant–how to know which is needed.

To answer this question we need to define the terms–Coach and Consultant. These words have become as common in today’s business world Continue reading

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

The War of Art by Steven PressfieldThe War of Art, by Steven Pressman, explains how to break through creative block to start and complete artistic projects. Mr. Pressman identifies the primary stumbling block to creating as “resistance”; it’s not doing the actual task, like writing, that’s the problem, it’s sitting down to write. Resistance takes many forms, usually through the use of rationalization to justify Continue reading

The Real Secret to Living Your Dreams

The Real Secret to Living Your DreamsStop, right here and right now, and ask yourself this critical question about your dream: Do you really believe you can have what you want?

Or do you tend to operate with your feet in two camps — one that says, ‘I’m going out there and pursue my dream’ and another that says, ‘I’ll also hedge my bets by doing something I don’t love that much, just in case the dream thing doesn’t work out.’ This is what Continue reading

Personal Leadership Success – 10 Practices for Breakthrough Success

Personal Leadership Success - 10 Practices for Breakthrough SuccessPersonal leadership is a model of leadership that can be used to help get better results in business and in life. There are ten practices of personal leadership, all of which will help leaders be more successful personally and professionally.

1. Clarity

Start with a question of context: what do you want? Anyone hoping to be successful as a leader of any kind must be able to identify Continue reading

Deep Listening – The Most Precious Gift We Can Give

Deep Listening - The Most Precious Gift We Can Give“To be heard is one of our most basic human rights. To listen is one of our most sacred acts.” –Kimberly Ridley, Editor, Hope Magazine

This spoke to me so deeply that I tore the editorial page from my Summer 2000 issue of the now defunct Hope Magazine and posted it in a prominent spot on my office bulletin board so that I may be reminded what a gift it is to truly and deeply listen to another person.

The author Continue reading

Why How-to Programs Fail-Success Principle #1

Why How-to Programs Fail-Success Principle #1If you Google just about any subject you are sure to find several “gurus” out there who can tell you how to do it better, faster, and more profitably than their counterparts can. To convince you that are the best, they provide you with testimonials from “students” or “seminar attendees” who were simply blown away by the author’s materials, and insist that this guy has the answer Continue reading

What Has Age Got to Do With It?

What Has Age Got to Do With It?Are you telling yourself that you are “too old” for this, that or something? If you are you are creating your reality by those thoughts and spoken words.

Did you hear about the 101-year-old man who recently ran a marathon? Do you think he would have been able to run a marathon at age 101, if he had told himself that he was too old? I doubt it. We believe what we tell ourselves and when Continue reading

Creating a Gratitude Journal

Creating a Gratitude JournalAbout Journaling

Grate. ful adj. 1 a : appreciative of benefits received: syn. thankful

4.19.02 Today I am grateful for ___________________ .

As I write the above line, I wonder, “What is my answer?” My first thought is, “I am grateful for today.” Then I realize there are so many people, places and things for which I am grateful. Everyday the list grows.

Everyday Continue reading