Creating a Gratitude Journal

Creating a Gratitude JournalAbout Journaling

Grate. ful adj. 1 a : appreciative of benefits received: syn. thankful

4.19.02 Today I am grateful for ___________________ .

As I write the above line, I wonder, “What is my answer?” My first thought is, “I am grateful for today.” Then I realize there are so many people, places and things for which I am grateful. Everyday the list grows.

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How To Gain Self-Confidence For Real

How To Gain Self-Confidence For RealConfidence is something that can go a long way in helping us achieve our life goals. By appearing confident we gain respect in both social and professional situations. Confident people earn more money, have more friends, and are arguably less likely to be depressed for extended periods of time.

There is a distinction between being confident on the outside versus on the inside. You can put on an act of self-assurance Continue reading

Is Sex Transmutation Really a Mystery?

Is Sex Transmutation Really a Mystery?In the 1966 version of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill he writes in step 10 towards riches the mystery of sex transmutation. But is sex transmutation really a mystery?

To transmute something simply means to take it from one form to another. If we acknowledge that sex energy as Hill explains in the book is the highest form of energy, then to take this energy and change it into another form is an art.

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Better Focus and Memory Using Quantum Physics

Better Focus and Memory Using Quantum PhysicsThe body can increase frequency to achieve better focus and memory using tools which are based on quantum physics. According to Dr. David Hawkins, author of “The Eye of the I” and “Power Verses Force”, we all vibrate at different frequencies. The lower vibrations of fear, jealousy, anger, and pride are calibrated in the 100 to 200 range while unconditional love and compassion vibrate in the 500 to 600 range. Continue reading

Give What You’re Asking For & More!

Give What You're Asking For & More!Have you ever stopped and really considered what you’re asking from your audience? Quite frankly, we expect a lot from them. The fact we put such a heavy burden on our audience actually impedes our ability to be an effective communicator.

For example, even in a simple conversation, you’re asking your audience to: – Give you their time – Pay attention – Be interested Continue reading

The Felt Sense – Your Spiritual Guidepost

The Felt Sense - Your Spiritual GuidepostHow do you know what you know about spiritual truth? Is it just because spiritual experts have assured you that certain things are so? Or perhaps it is that you grew up in a community where certain understandings were commonly believed, and you came to accept these understandings, too. And then there are the current trends that have become popular — but should you accept these merely because many people do?

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Psychology of Lying – 3 Bizarre Reasons Why People Lie

Psychology of Lying - 3 Bizarre Reasons Why People LieIn order for an individual to detect that a person is telling a lie, the person needs to understand the psychology of lying to know the reason behind the act.

In fact, having knowledge on the psychology of lying can help you become more observant to the different signs of lying, as well as the mentality that comes with it. This is useful in order to avoid being put in a sense Continue reading