A New Ancient Way to Pray

A New Ancient Way to PrayIn Gregg Braden’s Audio Book; “The Lost Mode of Prayer” he explains his discovery of the highest form of prayer he calls, “The fifth mode of prayer”. He recounts witnessing a holy man bring rain to a drought stricken land using this simple method. To summarize what he explains;

There are 4 known forms of prayer:

1. Colloquial: Speaking to God casually in conversation-like Continue reading

3 Important Ways to Understand Beautiful Women

3 Important Ways to Understand Beautiful WomenUnderstanding the behavior of human beings is very easy if you know the physical processes that take place in their minds. However, we have three things that you can learn to help you comprehend their behavior or even read them.

1. The pattern of their physiology

This often involves the use of their body pattern to communicate to other people. Statistics have proved that nearly 99% of people Continue reading

The Themes of Responsibility

The Themes of ResponsibilityOne of the advisory opinions that I caught up while watching a move, entitled Spiderman was “great power comes from great responsibility.” The movie seems just plain entertainment for most of the kids and youth, but the quote “great power comes from great responsibility” is good enough to serve as my initiative to produce this ethic-oriented article.

“Responsibility”, the buzzword, human stereotype, Continue reading

The One Phrase You Should NEVER Say!

The One Phrase You Should NEVER Say!We live in extremely tough times – and sometimes things can get pretty crazy. When things get heated and you feel like you can’t take any more weight on your shoulders – sometimes it’s really easy to start feeling overwhelmed. When that happens – there’s a phrase that gets said – and before I tell you what it is – let me tell you why I NEVER say it!

When I was a young child – my Mom and Dad had both been Continue reading

Create the Change You Desire

Create the Change You DesireThere are times in our lives when we might feel stuck. That sense of walking in molasses or trudging up hill that has no summit in sight. Or it might be a sense of unhappiness with a lack of motivation or drive to create positive change. Sometimes we are not sure what we want.

When you are unclear about what you want, consider examining the eight essential areas of your life – Spiritual, Physical, Continue reading

Perfectionism – It’s All in the Eye of the Beholder

Perfectionism - It's All in the Eye of the BeholderThe other morning I got out of bed before my husband and, as I was brushing my teeth, I saw him get up and make the bed. Making the bed for my perfectionist husband means throwing the blankets willy-nilly back over the bed, period. What is wrong with this picture? Is that the way a perfectionist makes a bed?

I said, “Don’t bother. You know I am going to make the bed again the right way.” To which Continue reading

What Have You Got to Lose? Ego Vs Your Self

What Have You Got to Lose? Ego Vs Your SelfIt is said that the Ego is a force unto it’s own. A force to be reckoned with. A force over which we have little, if any, control over. In the field of Psychology, one of the first ‘entities’ one learns about is the Ego. The Ego is defined as ‘the one of the three divisions of the psyche in psychoanalytic theory that serves as the organized conscious mediator between the person Continue reading

Self Improvement Ideas – Where Should You Even Start?

Self Improvement Ideas - Where Should You Even Start?Most people if they are at all perceptive about themselves know that there is a gap between where they are and where they want to be. So how do we bridge that gap?

Wanting to improve yourself is one of the most basic human needs. Most people want to do better in life, but few people try to, an even fewer people succeed at it.

Starting a self improvement program does not have to be complicated Continue reading