What is Destiny?

What is Destiny?What is your destiny?

I was inspired to write this article during an Angel Guidance Reading I did last week. I shared with my client that “There is no such thing as destiny.” She was shocked and surprised at my statement. “There isn’t??” she gasped.

I realized that many of you may be stuck because of this false belief in destiny, so I wanted to take a little time to explain.


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Stop Searching and Start Living by Hans Christian King

Stop Searching and Start Living by Hans Christian KingAlmost everyone is searching for ways to be happy. What most don’t realize is that if they choose, they can be happy right now in this very minute. Stop Searching and Start Living by Hans Christian King takes a serious, spiritual approach toward finding yourself and finding happiness. It is perfect for those who feel like they are on a search for who they are as well as where they belong. Continue reading

Flowers Or Weeds in Your Garden?

Flowers Or Weeds in Your Garden?It is an everyday experience for us to watch weeds growing all around us. A piece of land belonging to anyone in particular will soon grow weeds all over. It seems that if we want to grow weeds, then we don’t need to do anything. No need for seed, fertilizer, water etc. The only thing that you need to do is: Do Nothing!

Does it make you think? Guess not. At least, not YET.

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I Am Free When I Take 100% Responsibility

I Am Free When I Take 100% ResponsibilityI am sitting with my deep blue Irises on this perfect spring morning and I inwardly chant – Thank you, I love you dear Irises for showing me the meaning of beauty and transcendence here on planet Earth. Human concerns and problems are nonexistent as I continue my Ho’oponopono chant. If an issue suddenly surfaces in the form of a memory or an actual seemingly troubling event, I continue Continue reading

A New Ancient Way to Pray

A New Ancient Way to PrayIn Gregg Braden’s Audio Book; “The Lost Mode of Prayer” he explains his discovery of the highest form of prayer he calls, “The fifth mode of prayer”. He recounts witnessing a holy man bring rain to a drought stricken land using this simple method. To summarize what he explains;

There are 4 known forms of prayer:

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3 Important Ways to Understand Beautiful Women

3 Important Ways to Understand Beautiful WomenUnderstanding the behavior of human beings is very easy if you know the physical processes that take place in their minds. However, we have three things that you can learn to help you comprehend their behavior or even read them.

1. The pattern of their physiology

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The Themes of Responsibility

The Themes of ResponsibilityOne of the advisory opinions that I caught up while watching a move, entitled Spiderman was “great power comes from great responsibility.” The movie seems just plain entertainment for most of the kids and youth, but the quote “great power comes from great responsibility” is good enough to serve as my initiative to produce this ethic-oriented article.

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The One Phrase You Should NEVER Say!

The One Phrase You Should NEVER Say!We live in extremely tough times – and sometimes things can get pretty crazy. When things get heated and you feel like you can’t take any more weight on your shoulders – sometimes it’s really easy to start feeling overwhelmed. When that happens – there’s a phrase that gets said – and before I tell you what it is – let me tell you why I NEVER say it!

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