Is Sex Transmutation Really a Mystery?

Is Sex Transmutation Really a Mystery?In the 1966 version of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill he writes in step 10 towards riches the mystery of sex transmutation. But is sex transmutation really a mystery?

To transmute something simply means to take it from one form to another. If we acknowledge that sex energy as Hill explains in the book is the highest form of energy, then to take this energy and change it into another form is an art.

Many use sex transmutation without really being aware that they are but Hill would argue that the masters at it, the ones who know how to go after and achieve riches are well aware of how to use this art.

You’re familiar with great men and women of power and influence. These people are practicing the art of sex transmutation.

Most people have a difficult time grasping this idea because they only see sex in the physical sense.

However, if you can get pass the physical aspects of sex and recognized that this energy allow s your mind to open up to new ideas, hunches and inspiration you can use this energy to get anything you want.

This energy, this art form allows the creative imagination to come into play so we can begin to see ways to achieve the goals we have. Hill refers to it as genius in this version of Think and Grow Rich.

It is worth noting in order to master this art form you must master all 13 principles in this version of the book. So you need to have definite plans and purpose which you write down and say aloud with emotion every day.

You must also have faith that you can achieve the goal you’re trying to reach and stay persistent no matter how slow things seem to be moving to get there. You not only have to practice all the principles you must also master them.

This book regardless of which version you read has proven to be a valuable tool towards achieving not only money goals but any goals in life. It took Hill over 20 years to do the research for the book and many people around the world are still engaged and referring Think and Grow Rich every day.

There is power in this book to help you with all aspects of your life and if you can master the power of this one principle in this step you’re well on your way to achieving any goal.